Participatory approaches to development

This course aims to introduce participatory techniques which can be put to practical use in your project work in Africa.

Together, groups will look at participatory techniques, power and empowerment as well as influence and interventions.

This course is ideal for both newly established and growing projects, and anyone who is aiming to work with a partner community to plan, implement and evaluate development projects together.

The course will help you:

  • look at the limitations of yourself and others in a development project – ie emotions, power, conflict and spheres of influence
  • compare strategies for empowering partner groups and encouraging participation
  • identify various stakeholders and compare strategies for participation to assess needs
  • practise facilitation skills and techniques
  • describe personality types across cultures and identify strategies to effectively deal with a range of people

The next training session will be coming soon.

This course is free to attend (but £25 will be charged if you register and do not attend).