Communications Tools and Resources

Managing your Communications is a key activity for International Development and Fair Trade groups and organisations.

Such activities can range from strategic communications plans to managing your social media or taking photos of your work.

The information on this page aims to provide you with some useful links and tools that can help you manage and develop your communications effectively. There are also some useful tools highlighted by this article from Bond.

The principles of communications - we follow many of those set out in the Narrative Project:

The Narrative Project Presentation from Frontier Media on Vimeo.

Strategic Communications

Planning your communications activity to support your organisational objectives and the key messages you want to put out can help you structure the communications work you would like to carry out.

This simple guidance from the NUJ should help you get started, then follow it up with this guide on how to plan your activities.

Evaluating Communications

Find out how you can evaluate your communications with this guidance from the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) 

Press Releases

If you plan to do a press release, then you can find some guidance here to help you get started.

We are also able to offer you support and advice, as well as supporting quotes for projects we have funded, so contact us.

Have a look at our press releases to help you with ideas and information to include.

Social Media

Some general guidance about social media can be found here.




We often schedule our social media posts, this allows you to post at times when you are short of time or know that you're likely to be away from a computer or mobile device, Buffer and Hootsuite are quite different, so have a look and see which programme suits you best (there are free and paid for versions, the free version should be sufficient for what you need but will have some restrictions).

Graphics / Posters / Infographics

For making your own posters, graphics and infographics, we recommend that you use Canva or Piktochart there are free versions available.

Photography / Images

It is often said that a good image is worth 1000 words!

Getting images that reflect your values and work are essential in illustrating the impact your make, taking time to get this right is very worthwhile, particularly as they can be used in many ways, from press releases and social media to reporting your work or to support fundraising activities. 

Photo Guidance:

Download the latest Hub Cymru Africa photo guidance, that combines basic photography with the principles outlined in the Narrative Project.

The Narrative Project offers suggestions of how to take and use images for your communications channels.

Editing Images:

Sometimes you take a photo and you need to crop it or brighten it a little, we tend to use Pixlr Express though there are plenty of other alternatives out there.

If you would like to discuss any specific communications needs or arrange for some tailored communications support, please email: